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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Will the Church in all it's forms split apart over same sex affection

This post is too important to me to be overlooked. For that reason I am pulling it back up to the top of the thread.

I am keenly interested in the growing angst within the Anglican communion. Father Jake has a post on his blog, here, addressing this issue. Sarah Dylan Breuer was on the special committee assigned the task of responding to the Windsor report. I have read that response, To Set Our Hope on Christ, and I applaud it.

But, I have not heard, how it was received in Canterbury. Father Jake has answered one of my lingering questions, namely, where N. T. Wright stands in this matter. I am surprised, given his liberal theological position, vis a vis, the deity of Christ, that he would be found in the conservative camp on this issue.

So many forms of the Church are considering schism over this issue. I can't help but feel that this is a defining moment in the history of the church not unlike Wittenberg. I don't remember this kind of rift over the issue of segregation/integration of the races in the United States during the 50's and 60's.

Perhaps I am showing my ignorance of Church History, but this certainly is the biggest issue the Church has faced in my lifetime.

From an earlier post:
Lord, how divergent your Church has become. How estranged we are from each other because of differences of interpretation, ethnic differences, cultural differences, and differences of attitude toward you and your people. Even though we do not have unity in the world, I pray that we can be unified in spirit and in love for you, the one true God. Grant us, on this day of Thanksgiving, that we may concentrate on the Love of Christ for us as expressed in His prayer. And may we seek to emulate that love by our love for and actions toward our fellows here on earth.

Your thoughts are welcome.


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