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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Theology of the Psalms

In his Spirituality of the Psalms, Walter Brueggemann wrote
The Book of Psalms provides the most reliable theological, pastoral, and liturgical resource given us in the biblical tradition.

I have always understood the latter 2 resources: pastoral and liturgical. But I have never before thought of the Psalms as "the most reliable theological... resource given us in the biblical tradition?

In future posts I will try to explain Brueggemann's thought in this regard as presented in his Theology of the Old Testament.


Blogger the tentmaker said...

Again from Spirituality of the Psalms...

The thological dimension of this proposal is to provide a connection among (a) focal moments of Christian faith (crucifixion and resurrection, (b) decisive inclinatiions of Israelite piety (suffering and hope), (c) psalmic expressions that are most recurrent (complaint and priase), and (d) seasons in our own life of dying and being raised. If the Psalms can be understood with these knowing sensitivities, our own use of them will have more depth and significance in the practice of both Jewish and Christian forms of biblical faith. In the last analysis, the Psalms have what power they have for us because we know life to be like that. In a society that engages in great denial and grows numb by avoidance and denial, it is important to recover and use these psalms that speak truth about us -- in terms of God's engagement with the world.

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